Prelude basic synthetisch dekbed

Prelude Basic synthetisch dekbed enkel

The single variant of duvet Prelude is also filled with hollow fibers. This makes for a soft blanket that insulates well and is nice and warm, but also breathes enough.

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The fiber filling and polyester cover of this duvet breathe well and ensure that both the heat is wellretainedand provides enough cooling. The maintenance of this blanket is very simple: it can be put in the washing machine and dryer. This way you can enjoy a fresh duvet every time!

Product specificaties

Prelude Basic synthetisch dekbed enkel

  • 100% katoen
  • 3+4 (samen 1)
  • 30 % eendendons
  • 40 graden Celsius
  • Ja
  • Ja
  • Prelude
  • Wit